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Business Model Cards

This deck of Business Model Cards is a great way to build out a new business canvas, or to act as prompts for anything you might have missed out on.

Simply download the cards, cut them out and have them handy for the next time you have a business model planning session.

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"[Code Collective] is structured with the essentials in mind—not just the course material, but also the skills any competent developer should have.  Being part of a class of driven, like-minded people made my learning engaging and fun. We learned how to think like programmers and how to communicate our code-based thoughts."

From one of Silicon Valley's most prestigious coding bootcamps

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Our classes are short and high-impact, which means no fluff. Learn full-stack developer skills from industry experts.

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4-weeks of night time and weekend classes means you can learn around your day-time schedule.

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Upskill by learning front, back and full stack development skills and be part of a tech community.

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